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  • #1 – Spin the Baby

    November 9, 2014

    A new arrival in more ways than one as we discuss sleep patterns, movember, Gravity and the national phenomenon of Come Dine with Me.

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  • Untitled Podcast Episode Zero

    October 27, 2014

    We did a bit of a test with the usual crew just to test settings, how we’d record and submit etc but I thought I would put it up anyway.

    Enjoy… but don’t be expecting too much

    Download here

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  • Episode 131: Thanks for all the Welsh Fish

    September 29, 2014

    We chat about Stronghold Crusader 2, everything new in Dota 2 and Dan’s ever growing adventures in Skyrim. In part 2 we have a sexy quiz from the never mentioned and often discounted Big Book of Pub Quizes and we lay out the plans for a bigger and better show.

    Dan and Ant were on …

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  • Episode 130: Where is the bell?

    September 15, 2014

    Where might you find the next cure for Herpes? Matt’ll never tell. The truly continental Brandon joins us this week as we parle about hardware, the new Apple gizmos, 21st century DIY and everything inbetween.

    Matt mentions Nvidia’s Game24 event. Find out more here:


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